Monday, June 1, 2009

I am so lucky.

One of my favorite people, who happens to be on the cusp of Kindergarten this fall at the Knitternall alma mater, Austin Elementary School, rang our doorbell yesterday and asked the tween to deliver a gift and message.

The gift: a handwritten card on cherry yellow construction paper.
The message: that she's reading "a really big book" all by herself.

Sublime joy. Teaching little ones the fundamentals of phonics has been such fulfilling work. In each class of 12 children, 12 different light bulbs pop on at 12 different times. Through the past few years, I've seen more than 600 of those light bulbs twinkle. What a privilege it has been.

Oh, Elizabeth. Thank YOU for your hugs and grins, for your determination and fearless jumps into alphabet soup (emerging, victoriously, with letter-sound connections), and for that wonderful card you wrote all by yourself.

Someday soon, I hope we'll sit on the front stoop and share a book together. I'd like that, very much.

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