Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tween scene

AG and her pals will shortly take over the rec room, playing Dance Dance Revolution, getting my Wii  Fit up and running, eating popcorn and Laffy Taffy, running up and down stairs for more Gatorade and water, and talking talking talking. The first week of 6th grade is behind them and they're all feeling considerable relief that middle school is manageable after all.  AG and D started calling friends as soon as they wakened from last night's sleepover. 

I've encouraged AG to have these weekend gatherings to stay connected with old friends and bring in new ones they meet at PCMS. The original gang was split up, most going into the "M" team and several landing in "S". The dividing line was whether or not they continued taking German. After six years of immersion experience at Austin Elementary School, we chose to continue for at least one more year to see if the songs, dances, and impeccable accents would transition into an actual mastery of the language.  

Most of the Austin kids opted out.  Having been down this road with A a few years back, I fully appreciate the immense disconnect between the elementary school program and the rigorous class at the middle school. Very few kids make it through 6th grade German!

While the kids are tearing through the house, I'll finish chores and crochet another square for a lap blanket. I'd neglected my charity knitting for St. Luke's Presbyterian Church this summer, and I had to stop working on the Central Park Hoodie due to an untimely bout of knitter's tendinitis. It's almost all better, and crocheting has kept me busy in the interim.

There's the doorbell. Time to be the invisible host!


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