Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dunwoody Knitting Shop

Many knitters have a fantasy about owning a knitting shop. It's a cozy place brimming with baskets and bins filled with luscious yarns in every color and texture imaginable, plentiful patterns, comfy chairs, tea and coffee brewing on a sideboard, classical and jazz filling the air, and knitters chatting happily about works in progress, technical glitches, and the sundry bits of news from the community. There would always be sweater-lots of yarn on hand as well as lots of finished objects to show off the possibilities of each offering.

Yep. That's my fantasy.

Sadly, I am not a business person. I am energetic, creative, highly organized, proficient at multi-tasking, and proactive. But when it comes to personnel, taxes, contracts, insurance, and all the other issues that are the foundation of any business, I blink.  

Dunwoody once had a yarn shop. It had an awful location, limited inventory, and a sad transition from the owner to her daughter after the prior's death. Yet it stayed busy and had begun turning a profit before the daughter decided that the shop was her mother's dream, not hers. 

I'd love for Dunwoody to have one again. The only close-by source of yarn is Michael's, and that's ridiculous (for reasons any knitter would appreciate). Cast-On Cottage is a wonderful shop in a nearby town, but the drive is onerous in the crazy metro Atlanta traffic. 

There's a quaint house on Chamblee-Dunwoody Road that once served as the home of a railroad worker. It's small and parking is equally miniscule. The current commercial tenant has a for-sale sign in front. It has high visibility, just the right square footage, and it would be perfect for a yarn shop.

Maybe I need a partner - someone  to handle the business side. Hmmmm.

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