Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Caution: Novice Ahead

My son is learning to drive. T is endlessly patient, so has taken on the mantle of Official Parent Driving Instructor, while I wince and try to stay out of any vehicle that has A behind the wheel.

Did my first knitting instructors feel the same way? They patiently showed me the cast on, garter stitch, and bind off, then waded in to help with dropped stitches, misplaced  yarn overs, and the most warped scarf ever knitted.     But there wasn't much they could do about my compulsive knitting at any time of the day, in any venue.

How about the new City of Dunwoody? Will we get the needed understanding and forbearance required for the inevitable pile-ups in any complex undertaking?  

Why are some people more patient with learners? 


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