Sunday, August 24, 2008


Since A was born in 1992, then AG in 1997,  my van has been a traveling advertisement for our family's activities and loyalties:
  • Carpool numbers for Dunwoody Methodist Preschool and the Heiskell School (a thankfully short-lived private school experience for A)
  • Austin Elementary School
  • Peachtree Charter Middle School
  • Dunwoody High School
  • St. Luke's Presbyterian Church
  • NC State Alumni (my Wake Forest grad husband just looks the other way on that one)
  • Murphy Candler Girls' Fastpitch Softball League
  • City of Dunwoody
  • Campaign stickers for friends running for City Council and Board of Commissioners when we were living in Greensboro, NC
  • and others I can't even remember right now.
Urbanites may wince at the suburban ethos of my van. But it's me . . . the Donna Reed of the new millenium. 

This week, I added something "all me" to the back of the van, joining the collage of PCMS, DHS, and St. Luke's identifiers.


A noticed it while we were shopping yesterday for cotillion shoes. "K two tog? What the heck is that?" My observant daughter, who often reads this blog, said scornfully, "Knit two together. It's knitting."  "Huh," said A. And promptly lost interest.

My new magnet says everything about my need to bring together the people and interests in my life. I love my family, so it's important to me to connect their outside and at-home lives. I love my church, so it's satisfying to join with other seekers of faith. I love to knit, so it's fulfilling to unite my pleasure in the craft with my need to serve others through outreach and a shared enjoyment in working with our hands.

Every day, in every way possible, I knit together the myriad strands of my life.

K2tog. That really does say it all.

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