Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's always something.

I had such a peaceful weekend. A few have-to's and chores, an enjoyable concert in the park, a calm morning in church, and enough down time to make progress on blanket squares for our church's outreach ministry as well as the Central Park Hoodie. 

Even as I sat there Sunday evening, knitting happily away, I thought to myself . . . this won't last.

It never does.

Monday and Tuesday hit with a crescendo of school meetings, from son's AP World History 101 for parents and PTSO board meeting to a Dunwoody School Cluster Council meeting, as well as added work at the Nature Center. (With our exec on vacation and a newbie driving our programs, I've been lobbing quite a few balls from left field. I must say - the added duties have been stimulating.) 

Is it just Wednesday? 

The hottest issue on my agenda is the debacle arising from Every Child Left Behind. Dunwoody High School was designated a receiving school for students transfering from the  multitude of failing schools throughout DeKalb County.  The storm surge of arrivals started the week before school, flowed through the first week, and continued, unabated, despite a shortage of teachers, trailers, cafeteria space, textbooks, et al. It took news crews and a fire marshall to finally get the county-level school administration to listen, let alone come see what they had done to Dunwoody High School.

It's time to retreat back to knitting. I need the calming rhythm of knits and purls and the sense of accomplishment as the Central Park Hoodie comes closer to completion. 

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