Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've got nothing.

Once again, yet again . . . wait for it . . . again. The word is right on the tip of my tongue, but AWOL when I need it. My daughter stares patiently as I stammer, desperately search for the word I NEED, only to finally use a random word that comes as close as I'm capable of producing at that very moment.

Yep. It's mush-mouth time for Mom.

Thinking through the alphabet ultimately brings the missing word to mind, but by that time I'm mortified at yet another sign of hormone- and age- induced brain freeze.

Research says that logic-based play improves memory and keeps the mind sharp well into the senior years. Knitting falls into the category of good-for-you for its patterns, counting, organization, and envisioning.

But it isn't working. Or is it? Does this mean that without knitting I'd be a complete idiot rather than a random sputterer?

Oh, dear.


  1. I ran into this project and thought you might enjoy seeing it: http://www.theiff.org/reef/index.html

    "The Institute For Figuring is crocheting a coral reef..."

    I probably do not understand that crocheting is not knitting, and please forgive me!

    All the best, Steve

  2. Partly the brain freezes at that point because of stress, the more you try to recall the word the more the brain gets stressed and freezes. You have to not think of it allowing the brain to relax and hey presto it should pop out. That's the theory anyway. Mostly I just change the word.

  3. Stress? Stress? What stress? Oh, yeah. You are SO RIGHT. No doubt, it's the juggling act we all enjoy that adds to the power outage in the head.


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