Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dream Knitting Tour

This weekend is the annual Dream Gardens Tour of Dunwoody. I'll be manning the desk at the Nature Center to support the wonderful volunteers who make this popular event possible.

What if there was a Dream Knitting Tour of Dunwoody? We'd highlight the knitting rooms, stashes, and samples of five fabulous knitters, a rare peek inside the rarified world of knitting excellence.

Stop 1: The Knitting Room of Fair Isle Expert JW: See the plush rocker where JW knits intricate fair isle patterns into sweaters for her extended family and friends. Watch JW work row after row as the charted design reveals itself in 100% worsted weight wool.

Stop 2: The Knitting Stash of LW, Revealed to the Public for Three Days Only! Two rooms filled with baskets, bins, and cupboards brimming with silks,
cashmeres, wools, handspun, handdyed, linens, and bamboo in a cacophony of color, weight, and rarity. Note that the knitter's spouse is out of town, hence the unexpected revelation of this remarkable stash.

Stop 3: A New-Age Spinning Room. No knitter's home is complete without a spinning room! Explore the decorating possibilities of this beautiful and functional space. The homeowner showcases her array of spinning equipment, from hand-carved pieces to state of the art foot-powered units. Handspun samples are arrayed throughout the room.

Stop 4: Charity Knitting at St. Luke's Presbyterian Church. Join the circle for inspirational knitting ideas, patterns, and samples. You can choose from several projects: scarves and hats for homeless men, layettes for stillborns, prayer shawls, and 9" squares for lapghans and blankets. Each goes to those in need in our own community. The St. Luke's ROCKers (Reaching Out through Crocheting & Knitting) like to chat as much as they enjoy plying their needles and hooks!

Stop 5: Knitter's Boutique. A knitting shopper's delight! You'll find handspun and handyed one-of-a-kind yarns, handcrafted needles, markers, and hooks as well as unique buttons, purse handles, and shawl pins. Exclusive knitting totes and cases are also available. Bring your cash and add to your stash!

What a brilliant idea! I'd buy tickets to this one . . .

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