Saturday, May 17, 2008

The best part of the day

I've always loved the early morning. I know I should sleep in, considering all the rush of the week. But I'm awake anyway, long before 7, so I head downstairs.

It's quiet. The kids are asleep, T's at church for a training session for the newly elected officers, and I have at least a couple of hours to indulge in . . . whatever. Peanut butter toast and tea, a slow reading of the newspaper, a visit to Ravelry and the blog to see what's happening, and a bit of tidying. I love the glint of sunlight blinking through the front windows and the dance of leaves in the back woods. Best of all, I'm enjoying the absence of "have-to" at this very moment.

That'll change before long. We have softball playoffs at Murphy Candler Park, a costume to put together for A's Decades project, and supplies to pick up for a knitting lesson I'm giving to a mom hospitalized with pre-term labor. I'm happy to get her started. If I'd had knitting when I was in the hospital for the same thing 15 years ago, it would have made the time pass much more peacefully.

If I let myself think about the coming week too much, I'll get wound up. So I'm going to turn on NPR, tidy some more, and enjoy the peace.

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