Friday, May 9, 2008

Dear, I'll knit you a car

My son is reluctant to get his driver's license. Prudently, he's aware of the heavy toll on teenage lives this frantic Atlanta traffic levies. While he could get his license next December, he's chosen to wait to take the study program until the summer following his 16th birthday. I am grateful to have a prudent teenager. Living with Crohn's Disease means facing the fragility of life, a lesson I'm so sorry he's had to learn at such an early age.

My daughter, on the other hand, is already checking out vehicle options. At just 11, she's imagining the freedom and the fashion coordination possibilities of various models. I envision her pleading for some hot little number as soon as she gets her license.

I love my kids and want to indulge their every whim. So it isn't unreasonable to offer her a red Ferrari.
She just has to knit it.
Does that make me a cool Mom or what?

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