Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Knitting on a prayer

This has been one fretful winter. I've been so busy I feel breathless, but the busy-ness has helped to numb the worries cascading through our daily lives.

I like to pretend I'm in charge of stuff. That if I just plan things right and keep things organized I can prevent the unexpected.

I have a really good imagination. And a high degree of denial.

Tim the Tutor will arrive shortly to help A with his geometry proofs and I'll indulge in an hour of Clapotis. I can't do chores while they're working, so it's as good an excuse as any to knit. While I'm knitting, I'll be praying for a young mom in our midst who's suffered the 1918 pandemic Type H influenza, sepsis, dialysis, damage to organs, and potential loss of limbs. Disbelief is putting it mildly.

God, this is bad. Really bad. This woman, this mother, this wife, this daughter, this sister, this friend needs you. Surround her and her family with your love and grace. Help them. Then help me understand WHY. Amen.

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