Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good news, bad news

The good news: yesterday, the Georgia House passed the city of Dunwoody bill! Today, the Senate passed it, too! Now it's in Governor Perdue's hands, who is purportedly in favor of the bill. If all goes well, we'll actually get to vote on our own destiny some time later this year. Fran Millar and Dan Weber did an awesome job of representing us. (I loved the photo of Fran hollering down to the representatives idling in the halls with U. S. Senator Saxby Chambless. "Time to vote, people!") It wasn't easy. And it isn't a done deal. But it sure feels good.

Weird moment during the 90-minute discussion on the House floor:

"Republican Rep. Jill Chambers, who lives in Dunwoody, opposes the referendum. She said from the House podium that critics have accused her of having an affair with Jones, who also opposes the referendum. Chambers denied their accusations.

"Vernon Jones, whom I have not slept with, will tell you that I oppose many of the things he wants to do down here," Chambers said." (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Ooookay, then.

The bad news: the hinky Honda Odyssey transmission continues its shenanigans. It's trying really hard to go bad - the van is just zooming along, then suddenly drops out of gear into neutral. That's really fun when you're on a highway, or in rush hour traffic. (No one can understand why I'm suddenly stopping IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD so the engine can go back to first gear. It's the only way to get going again. Let's just say that I'm not real popular.)

I've taken the blasted thing for multiple visits to Curry Honda, and they've driven it all over kingdom come. Because it DOESN'T DO IT WITH THEM. Yes, indeedy. It's the same old schtick - vehicle is bad at home, then on its best behavior at the garage. Sigh.

Now I can't drive a mile without resorting to the stop, let the engine go back to first, start again business at least once. T is taking it to Curry tomorrow for another round of "we can't duplicate that, ma'am/sir." I know Honda transmissions are bad, so I've already set up a case through Honda USA. Because I'm not paying 100% for a new transmission on a van with just 77,000 miles on it and that was SOLD on the basis that it would go on and on and on.

Or not.

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