Thursday, March 6, 2008

Clapotis croaked and I had to rip it, rip it, rip it

Clapotis is forcing me to learn some new techniques. It's a tricky design, to say the least. I'm adept with kfb (knit front and back), but pfb (purl front and back) is awkward. Then there's the dropped stitch/knit into the bar technique that had me flummoxed. I lost count, cursed, and ripped back to the beginning. I really like the SWTC bamboo and its colorway. Clapotis is worth the effort. I'm just too distracted at the moment.

So in a fit of frustration I decided to put together a few WIPs. I have an assort of totes and cylindrical wine gift boxes (the kind you can find at Michael's for a buck if you hit the sales right).

WIPs on deck:

  • Ice Queen - using a Rowan Kid Silk Mohair in deep, rich purple. I won't add beads because they aren't "me." The subtle glints in the yarn will add just the right dressy note. Yarn + pattern + needles placed in wine box.
  • Mukluks - using Patons Classic Merino Wool in turquoise (main color) with purple, pink, chartreuse and brown for embellishments. Yarn + size 8 double point needles + book fit perfectly in a huge Anne Klein straw bag lined with a fun beachy print - brand new, found at Goodwill for $2!
  • Clapotis - not giving up on this one. SWTC Bamboo in Parrot + needles + pattern placed in wine box.
  • Design-as-I-go felted tote using remnants of Patons Classic Merino Wool. Balls + size 10 needles + notepaper and pen to write instructions as I work now staged in basket.
That feels better. I'm all organized and can grab a project as I head out the door. The projects range in complexity from mindless knitting to better-think-about-what-you're-doing, so I can fit them to the destination.

Tonight is softball practice at Murphy Candler, so the Mukluks are on deck.

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