Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mukluks, baby

Bunad Mukluk #1 is on the needles! I'm past the heel and working the instep. I'm following the pattern by Robin Melanson in Mags Kandis' latest book, Folk Style.

They're going amazingly fast. Patons Classic Merino worsted weight wool on #8 needles may be one reason. After knitting Jaywalker (on #1's, no less), progress is really gratifying. I can't wait to work on the embroidered embellishments. Since I'm knitting them for my daughter and it's late in the season, I've gone up a size for her to an Adult with a 9" foot in hopes she can wear them next winter. If her foot keeps growing at the pace the rest of her is these days, I may "inherit" them and have to make another set. That's fine!

Pix to come . . .

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