Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How did that happen?

Wow. It's Wednesday. It was just Sunday a day ago. Or not. I'm having quite a few of those "wow" moments these days.

  • Wow, I haven't talked to Diane, Karen, Jane, Karen (that's a different Karen), Diane (different Diane), Sandy, Karen (yep, another Karen), Jan, Cathy, Jill in AGES.
  • Wow, I didn't write a note to bereaved family/neighbor in crisis/relative in distress and now the moment's passed.
  • Wow, that Clapotis started and frogged awfully fast and I haven't started it over again yet.
  • Wow, it's nearly spring and I haven't planned a family trip for the summer (it's all about the dog's kennel availability).
  • Wow, the issue of Dunwoody cityhood is looming large and I haven't sent nearly enough emails to support it.
  • Wow, those ten pounds sure crept back without my noticing them. Until I tried on those capris from last summer.
  • Wow, that leak in the basement isn't getting better and I bet the wood is heading into rot-land.
  • Wow, I'm almost out of a pretty important med and I still haven't called the doctor to admit I lost the prescription for it.
  • Wow, Easter is this Sunday and I still don't have something for A to wear.
  • Wow, that freelance deadline is tomorrow and it's time to put the creative juices into hyperdrive.
Lately, it's like every second of the day is filled with "wow" gulps. I like to keep things well organized and try to anticipate the unexpected by giving myself plenty of preparation and lead time. But running multiple jobs and two kids and a household means there's a lot more "to do" and a lot less time to do it. Yes, I thrive on a full agenda.

But, wow, this is getting ridiculous!

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