Monday, July 14, 2008

There's a word for that . . .

"Knitastrophe" - what happens when you're knitting a Seaman's Cap in black wool in the dimly lit cacophany of The Fun Spot's arcade in Orlando. I dropped a stitch nearly every round of knit 1 purl 2 and finally just frogged the blasted thing.

"Knitguise" - how to camouflage metal double-points to get them through security check-in. I rubberbanded them tightly, tossed them into a bag with a pen, notepad, and needle gauge, and crossed my fingers. Either the checker is a knitter (God bless her) or actually had read the TSA advisory.

"Needle neck" - the craning, longing looks of other people as we waited through four interminable hours of delays thanks to synchronized thunderstorms in Atlanta and Orlando. I had my Seaman's Cap. They had a must-read book club recommendation that just didn't hit the spot.

"Kid magnet" - when a kid is totally bored with every nook and cranny of the boarding area (four hours will do that), anyone who knits becomes the most engrossing entertainment of all time. I had an audience of thumbsuckers, pants-tuggers, dress-lifters, and jiggle-jagglers nearly the entire time.

"Yarn exchange" - a mental calculation of just how much luscious yarn I could have bought for the cost of a single ticket to Epcot, Universal Studios, and Islands of Adventure. Combined.

"Lucky" - With Atlanta's airport shut down for four hours or so on Sunday, flights stacked from here to kingdom come, multiple cancellations, and a plane full of citizens of Ireland, England, Belgium, and more, all wanting to make connections in Atlanta and JUST GET THE HECK HOME . . . the pilot's welcome upon arrival in Atlanta - "we're all lucky to be here" - was certainly heartfelt and appreciated.

Honestly, the Knitternall Clan had a wonderful time in Orlando. We made new memories, walked about 20 miles in 2 and a half days, and are thankful for every moment together.

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