Thursday, July 24, 2008

bpt is kaput

Bpt is toast. I was trying to get the total count of stitches at the point where there would be 46 to the middle of the second cable.


My choices were to have the correct number of total stitches but far fewer stitches to the second cable or to knit on and on and on until I had the correct number at the second cable. All of this sound like gobbledygook?

Because it is.

The increase directions are murky, the math is funky, and the investment in sheer frustration just not worth it.

So I frogged two and a half skeins worth of knitting and tossed the pattern in the trash.

I'm doing the Central Park Hoodie, a far less temperamental pattern judging by the multiple projects on Ravelry. I should have started there, but was stubborn about making Bpt work.

Casting on! Pink Wool of the Andes by Knit Picks, size 6 circulars, and my daughter's hoodie may be finished in time for Fall.

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