Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dunwoody YES!

I LOVE early voting! I stopped in at Brook Run Park to cast my vote for Dunwoody cityhood. So easy. So important.

The sky-is-falling crowd is out in force, trying at the last minute to turn the tide. Eek! Taxes might go up! Forecasts might be off! Change is scary!

Hello. Self-determination. That's really what it's all about.

When an elected official wants to file a lawsuit because the election is racist (Dunwoody isn't diverse enough for his taste? Walk the halls of Peachtree Charter Middle School. We have the most diverse public school in the county, bar none, and superlative academic achievements.), I just sigh.

When business groups say DeKalb County takes better care of them than Dunwoody would, I have to wonder at their naivete.

When writers to our local Dunwoody Crier fret about increased taxes, I shrug. Ten years from now, either we'll be paying DeKalb County or the City of Dunwoody. At least now there will be a direct correlation between taxes paid and services rendered.

I'm not wearing rose-colored glasses. I expect there will be challenges ahead. But they'll be OUR challenges.

Dunwoody? Yes!

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  1. You seem like a reasonable, nice person.

    I for one am not opposed to paying for what I get. Quite the contrary. I am also not so Pollyann-ish that I believe all is right with the world because someone else told me to believe it.

    There have been surprisingly few facts disclosed in this rush to city-hood, especially given we have an 'extra' year to prepare.

    Did CforD or D-Yes post the agenda, minutes or reports from the 'Task Forces'? Oops--too busy with the referendum. Did they publish proposed ethics rules? Not before the vote, and then only on one candidates blog. Where can I download the proposed zoning ordinances? You know, the ones that will make Dunwoody a better place to live. Will it outlaw my HAM antenna? My neighbor's basketball goal?

    This vote was made on emotion and emotion alone. The real fireworks begin in January when we open our power bills and see that 'little' backdoor tax called a franchise fee. Not only is the city prepared to levy it against us directly, one half (it is over $2M total) is rolled into GaPower rates. This means folks outside Dunwoody will be paying for Dunwoody.

    I still recall the Dunwoody Yes folks invoking "taxation without representation" to incite patriotic zeal for their cause. They knew all along they intended to do this, and yes they will have numerous reasons, all appealing to greed, why this just MUST happen. Bottom line is they are no better than the yahoos at the county. In fact, they have demonstrated significantly less moral integrity.

    But, it is what it is ;^).


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