Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big Apple knitting

The Knitternall clan is off to NYC for a last family trip before school begins (way too darned early on August 11. Hello . . . it's the South. Summer ain't cool.) It's business for T and fun for us. He's a good sport. On the other hand, he's likely not really keen on some of the fun stuff the kids have chosen for this trip. AG and I are going to try Rush tix for a matinee, A wants to live at Nintendo Power and Sony Wonder, and we're going to do the Central Park Zoo. The kids are seasoned travelers, able to walk long distances, and open to new experiences. This is like "golden age" of the Knitternall family timeline, when we all enjoy being with each other and share many interests.

For example, we love NYC. We love the crowds, the alternate reality of life there, the languages, the energy. And New Yorkers are so darned nice. Yes, that's right. Strangers on trains and passersby on the street have stopped and helped us with directions and suggestions for meals with cheer and pride.

I'm taking the Central Park Hoodie (appropriate, isn't it?) and a few dishcloths to work on during our trip. With thunderstorms predicted here in Atlanta and in NYC this afternoon, we'll likely have lots of time on the ground. The kids have books and their DS's, I have some magazines and a book of my home (plus the knitting). We'll handle it.

Have a great week. Back on Friday!

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