Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Why do guys like to wander around the house in their underwear?

Why does my daughter think her room is tidy when the floor is covered with tossed clothing, all the drawers are pulled open, and the closet doors are gaping?

Why does nearly every completely bald guy have one of those mustache-and-goatee things?

Why does the dog cower at the distant sound of thunder but bark excitedly at the garbage truck?

Why do some people pull their cars WAY to the left, even into oncoming traffic, before turning right?

Why are Dunwoody families either Kroger or Publix shoppers - when the two grocery stores are just 2 miles apart?

Why does organic milk have an amazingly long expiration date while other milk expires almost instantly?

Why are so many highly disorganized people in charge of projects needing a high level of organization?

Why do MARTA subway drivers bother speaking over the intercom when all passengers hear is garbled nonsense?

Why am I regularly just behind the car that pokes along and doesn't make it through the yellow light at the interminably long stop light at Dunwoody Village Parkway and Mt. Vernon Road?

Why Justin Bieber?

Why do contractors swear they'll be finished on schedule . . . when they never are? (NEVER. EVER.)

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