Friday, June 11, 2010

Dunwoody's Giving Spirit.

This week, as we rev up for the 2010 Butterfly Festival at Dunwoody Nature Center, each day has brought a cadre of volunteers to the park. Monday through Wednesday, the Dunwoody Chapter of the National Charity League had mom and daughter teams creating a festive Butterfly Boutique out of an ordinary classroom, hanging signs, pouring wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of mulch onto the large creekside field, and prepping craft materials.

They were joined today by Danny Kanso and his Dunwoody High School cohorts, who are volunteering just because . . . they like to volunteer. 

Meanwhile, Reverend McLaughlin of North Atlanta Church of Christ drove several practice runs with one of their brand new buses. The church members generously offered to provide shuttle services to the satellite parking at their facility during the Festival.

Hands On Atlanta sent dozens of volunteers to help with preparations as well. Tables and chairs moved out into the park, signs point the way to various events, and shortly the giant butterfly tent arrives from Florida, courtesy of Greathouse Butterfly Farm.

Dunwoody Nature Center's energetic Board of Directors, volunteers all, have been busy with the Monarchs and Margaritas fundraiser at the home of Carole and Jim McWilliams. 2010 Event Chair Mary Millar has been a calm and experienced center to the maelstrom of plans and preparations.

Tomorrow, more than 200 volunteers will staff concessions, discovery and craft stations, traffic patrol,  entertainment, admissions, and more.

The Butterfly Festival is a microcosm of similar events in Dunwoody (think Lemonade Days, the Arts Festival, the Fall Festival, Soapbox Derby, lots and lots of charity fun runs, and others). In every case, volunteers  drive the engine and make things happen.

What's particularly humbling is how so many people say "yes" to giving their time and talent for the benefit of others.

I love living in Dunwoody.

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