Saturday, April 3, 2010

Do I have to wear this? Part 2.

My son asked a really great girl to the prom and she said yes! (Scene: cafeteria. He: "So, you want to go to the prom together?" She: "Sure.")  With our encouragement, he and his date have invited several other friends to share a limo (yes a limo is a luxury, but it's either that or parent drivers since the prom is in a less-than-stellar location for teen drivers). I've suggested they meet at one house so the parents can get photos, but beyond that I'm waiting to see what they come up with.

Then  my son realized that he'll have to wear a tuxedo.

"Aw, come on! Do I have to?"

Yep. Having also checked to see if the traditions have changed, I informed him that good manners, dancing, a tux, and a corsage were in order.

I'm mostly staying out of the way of the arrangements since the group is already talking nonstop about the prom, whether they'll have dinner together, when they'll arrive, etc. etc. But it's been illuminating to hear other parents talk about their teens' preparations and plans. From rentals of party buses and expensive meals at fine restaurants to the "anti prom" crowd hitting the Waffle House and keeping things simple, there's a whole range of expectations out there. Elaborate "asks" are a big deal at Dunwoody High School, including invitations broadcast over the school intercom or via the Media students' broadcast, on the baseball field's home plate, in serenades at the girl's house, and in floral deliveries.

My son's group appears to be on the low key side, thank goodness.

We'll hit the rental places this week to try on tuxes and choose the look he feels is appropriate. Nothing colorful - simple black and white is his preference.

The funniest part of this experience is balancing the "cool" factor of the transportation (an 8-passenger limo!) with parental controls. Fear not. The limo company is well versed in teens.
  • Haul over the maximum capacity in limousines and 2 passengers in sedans
  • Smoke in the vehicles
  • Drink alcoholic beverages of any type in its vehicles
  • Bring alcoholic beverages of any type in its vehicles
  • Take any type of illegal drugs, such as marijuana, while in its vehicles
  • Have any intimate relations in its vehicles
  • Hang any portion of their bodies out the windows in its vehicles
  • Vandalize its vehicles in any manner
  • Offer addition rides to passengers unrelated to the prom (including parents, friends, etc.)
Note: All cost for repairs or damages to Limousine vehicles resulting from the activity of teenagers, shall be borne by the parents, legal guardians or signer of this contract.

Note: In the event of any passenger in a (prom) group becomes intoxicated or under the influence of any alcoholic beverage, illegal drugs, substances, or violates any of the above activities, while at the facility outside/inside Limousine’s chauffeur to contact the passengers parents or legal guardian and notifying them that the prom charter is over as of the moment and all passengers are being returned to the first point of pick-up.

We showed our son the contract.  "As if I'd do any of that," he snorted. Sure, we said, but you need to make sure that everyone you invite to join your group has the same common sense. Because we're liable for everything that happens. "So you're saying you're trusting me to do the right thing."

Yes, we are, son.

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