Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another college tour moment . . .

My son and I visited North Georgia College in Dahlonega last week. It was quite a contrast to Kennesaw State. Small, preppy, intellectual, filled with traditions linked to its military school roots, and surrounded by mountain views, North Georgia was quite a pleasure. Like KSU, the tour  led us through the Student Center, Dining Hall, sample dorm, and classroom buildings.

Then we reached the large green space in the middle of the campus. At KSU, this spot was filled with Greeks enjoying a wild intramural game of some kind. Students sprawled everywhere, enjoying the early summer heat.

At North Georgia, the only students in sight were drilling (in camo gear) or sitting on benches around the perimeter.(The Corps of Cadets makes up a small percentage of the student body.)

"We have a tradition that you NEVER cut through the green," explained our guide. "If you do, they yell at you." Why? several prospects asked. "It's a drill field, and you don't cross drill fields." Oh.

"The first thing I'd do," said my son, "is cross that field."

So, maybe a tradition-bound school isn't my rebel thinker's cup of tea.

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