Friday, February 12, 2010

Handheld Games for Children's Healthcare at Scottish Rite

My son asked me to post his Eagle project on my blog as he spreads the word about a special collection to support Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite.

Adam says:

I am conducting a handheld video game donation drive to benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite. I was inspired to do this by my personal experience as a patient of the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit and primary care floors.

Due to my Crohn’s Disease, I have had five hospitalizations at Children’s Healthcare between sixth grade and this past Thanksgiving (11th grade). Two of those were in the ICU for more than a week each. I was not ambulatory and the only thing the hospital had (at the time) to entertain me was kid videos, coloring books, and other rather uninteresting things to do. The exception was the TV in my room, but it stopped playing my channels later at night. One of my father’s business associates gave me a Nintendo DS, for which I was very grateful because it gave me something to do besides the uninteresting activities. Since each of my hospitalizations lasted a long time (twice I was there for two weeks), all that time in bed was really difficult. 
The hospital now has a Teen Activity Room. That’s a great thing, but it doesn’t help patients who can’t get out of bed. So the Volunteer Services department is really excited about this project and the entertainment value for kids who are too old for coloring books and cartoons.
The hospital's Volunteer Services staff will loan patients a handheld system and games during their stay. Each set will be packaged in a sturdy plastic container and labeled according to the age range of the games and gender, if applicable.

Adam and his fellow Scouts are collecting used, working-condition Nintendo (DS, DS Lite, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color), Sony PSP, battery packs, power cords, styluses, and games (lots of games) for these systems rated E or T (no mature). The project goal is 30 individual handheld game systems plus at least 2 games per system and necessary cords, adapters, and power packs.

If you have a neglected, out of date handheld game system, consider a donation to benefit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite.

An Eagle Project by Adam Nall, Troop 764
(St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church, Dunwoody)
For more information or to donate, post a comment on this blog!
Scouts will arrange for pick-up anywhere in the Atlanta metro,
or you can deliver to St. Luke's, 1978 Mt. Vernon Road, Dunwoody 30338
(place his name and "Eagle Project" on the package).


  1. Thanks to John Heneghan, the Scouts at All Saints in Dunwoody, and many, many Dunwoody folks who are spreading the word and contributing to Adam's Eagle Project! So far, he's received three game systems and 8 games for them.

  2. Hi Donna. What a great project. We just posted a story about this on the Dunwoody News page at

    Hope it helps!

    Todd Hollander

  3. Thanks, DunwoodyNow!

    Two more game systems and two games were donated this week. What a great response!

  4. Did he reach his goal? I just came across this post and I would be more than willing to post on my FB page. My daughter has spent months upon months at SR in the past 5 years (she is 5 yrs old, has mitochondrial disease, epilepsy, Rett Syndrome, GJ tube, TPN, etc)... and while she would be too young for this now, I know they are starting to make games for kids her age as well and would love to help him succeed! Please feel free to email me at LNHIGGINS@GMAIL.COM

  5. Yes, he reached his goal! Thank you for offering. He's delivering the game systems to Scottish Rite next week.

    I'm so sorry you and your daughter have so many challenges. Isn't it a blessing to have SR? It's an anchor in our family, one that I'll regret our son growing out of. The good news is that they'll continue to care for him all the way through college.

    I love Scottish Rite and am glad my son can give back in this small way.


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