Sunday, February 7, 2010


As part of the computer generation, my daughter has little experience with white-out correcting tape. Make a mistake? Edit and re-print. No worries.  Recently, for a school project, she used the orphan correcting tape in the desk to cover a caption beneath a photo she wanted to scan and input into an essay.

A few days later, we were driving down Ashford-Dunwoody Road. She stared out the window, thinking her thoughts. (The kid misses nothing - her observations have become family legend.) Through the pouring rain, she noticed some once-yellow lines had been blackened. "Check it out, Mom. They used black-out to correct the road."

Which made me think about other useful correcting tapes I'd like to have in the Knitternall family desk:
School-Out:  We couldn't keep enough of this in stock for Big A's wishes.
Dinner-Out: I'd love to roll this one out when the week gets too crazy.
Time-Out: Busy day? Correct the clock with a little Time-Out!
Blow-Out: Just when my temper gets the best of me . . .
Work-Out: If it's too wet or cold or windy or dark to talk, use the Work-Out!
Clean-Out: Messy house? Get the Clean-Out.
Dog-Out: Correcting product for dog hair, prints on the carpet, occasional accidents, and smells.
Sadly, these products do not exist (yet?) and there's no time-out around to correct my overloaded calendar.

Ah, well.

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