Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bad knitter. Bad!

I took a rare day off to nurse a cold and put my house in order. Six loads of laundry, a box of tissues, some vigorous vacuuming and dusting, another box of tissues, and a run (in the cold rain) to the grocery store, and I can now relax. I'm one of those overachievers who can't rest until chores are finished.

In a cold-induced fog, I decided to browse some favorite knitting websites and started giggling, then snorting, then roaring with laughter. The doberman in the pink knitted ensemble got me started. So I googled animals in knitwear and found some real gems.

Now, I'm not advocating this kind of knitting insanity. But there are knitters out there who are determined beyond reason to share their talents with those they love. Including their poor dogs, cats, goats, chickens, and lambs.



  1. Actually, the chicken picture you show is for a necessary knitted item for the chicken as you can see it is missing most of its feathers. I have seen an organization (Little Hen Rescue in the UK) that requests knitted jackets for battery hens that have been rescued and that have very few feathers due to their poor living conditions.

  2. Well, what do you know about that? I had no idea! It's amazing how many ways knitters share their craft for people - and creatures - in need.

    : )


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