Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seeds of summer

The seed catalogs are arriving!

Last evening, I poured over the latest offerings with a cup of tea and imagined overachiever crops of brussels sprouts, peas, garlic, cucumbers, cantelope, and romaine. Rather like Hyacinth of Keeping Up Appearances (my favorite Brit-Com), my imaginings are not linked to reality. ("Dust off the garden, Richard. I don't want the neighbors to think I don't run a tidy yard.") My garden wasn't lush or particularly prolific, but it was pretty darned satisfying for this gardening newbie.

I plan to add a second 4x4 raised bed to my garden this year since the first did well enough with beans and cucumbers. I discovered that I love the smell of dirt and compost, the early morning damp of a hot summer day, the singing of tree frogs in the evening, and the absolute joy of grabbing a few handfuls of vegetables for dinner . . . with the promise of more in the vine and in the ground for days ahead.

Which means that I need this ultra cold snap to ease up long enough to move the original raised bed to a slightly better location and build the second one for its adjacent site.

Snow is in the forecast for tonight, and I expect the dusting and scant 1/2 inch that falls to mean closed schools tomorrow.  Overreacting to snow is a Southern thing. Gotta love it.

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