Friday, January 15, 2010

Read it right here.

My son collects snarky t-shirts. Where once he liked to move under the radar in solid, somber colors he now wears a different tshirt every day. His current favorite? A Christmas gift from his sister:

"I'm just one big  freakin' ray of sunshine, aren't I?"

There are loads of sibling conviction in that one.

I shared that with my mom yesterday, then riffed on what would be fun for her and Dad. Which begs the question: are there graphic t's out there that really hit home for all of us?

Me: "Caution: Does Not Stop for Slow Moving Objects."

T: "Let's do some research on that."

The Tween: "I am NOT too young."

Grandma: "You paid too much for that."  

Grandpa: "Harris Teeter Is My Peeps."

Scooter the Wonder Dog: "Eats, Poops, and Sleeps."
Have a great weekend.

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