Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm cold. When's that half cord of wood getting here?

Well, hello there.

I enjoyed the Christmas break by taking on the persona of a slug: slow moving, content to meander, and just a tad messy. While I worked busily at the Nature Center through the holiday, I spent the two three-day weekends sheltered with my family and doing as little as possible outside of cooking special treats and knitting FIVE prayer shawls. Bliss. We needed some quiet time together after the very stressful Thanksgiving hospital thing. A rainy Christmas Eve and a brutally cold New Year's just added more incentive to staying indoors.

So, everyone who nudged me about the very long gap in posts: yep, I'm a slug.  I'm so glad you missed me, though!

Back to normal now. School began today and I'm consumed by summer plans. Yep - it's time to get the Nature Center's summer camp program rolling, as well as myriad new adult classes (gardening! birding! beekeeping! photography!) and kid classes and family events and . . . . .  At the same time, I'm prepping for the Thursday Preschool Phonics class I have in the Nature Center's clubhouse, checking in with Peachtree Middle School's capable volunteers for upcoming Parent Coffees and tours, and making  plans for our own family's summer camps and fun.

The promise of snow later this week just means getting as much done as possible in a few short days. The Spring brochure has to hit the community's mailboxes in two weeks and printer deadlines don't go away just because the weather isn't cooperating.

Tomorrow I'm rejoining the St. Luke's ROCKers since they now meet on Wednesdays. That's a way better day for me to slip away for a long "lunch hour" with the knitting circle. I've cast on Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi R Square shawl (the garter stitch version - I'll do the lace one next), a tasty bit of easy knitting that won't interfere with chatting.

It's 2010. Whether you think that's the first year or last year of a decade, it's fun to say (twenty-ten!) and filled with hope for good days ahead. We need them.

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