Wednesday, May 6, 2009

People who say "yes!"

I am always awed by the people who say "yes" to volunteering. They don't have to. They could easily say "no" and go on their merry way. For school, for a park, for church, for charity . . . it's simply amazing the way caring, capable people share the wealth of their talent and time. Many have a niche. An IT specialist who serves as a technology consultant for his sons' schools and for Dunwoody Nature Center. An organizing maven who has retired from a high-profile corporate role in time to organize major fundraising programs and wrangle nearly a hundred volunteers for an annual festival. At the same time. An ultra-busy entrepreneur who handles electronic communications for two different schools in her spare microseconds. A guy who shares his love of building stuff by crafting stage sets for the Drama Club. The CPA who serves as treasurer for every civic, Scout, church, and school nonprofit in her family's life. A PTO volunteer who decides to make several extra salads in case there aren't enough for a special teacher appreciation luncheon. A woman who picks up trash, weeds flower beds, and moves debris as she walks through the park.

In the past two days, I've called six people to ask them to help with very short notice, yet critical needs in two nonprofit arenas. Every single person said, "Sure!" I'm relieved, I'm delighted, and I'm proud of the way the people in this community get down to business and take care of the quality-of-life things that aren't glamorous, but are very necessary.

Thank you.

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