Saturday, May 2, 2009

And she's back . . .

Well, that's the longest break in Knitternall blog history.

It's May and time for the school crazies. End of school celebrations, end of course tests, final exams, accolade banquets galore, teacher appreciation week, and, oh, yeah, WORK and CHURCH are mixing and mingling to the nth degree. I always promise myself I won't overcommit the month of May but there I go again.

Bits and pieces of life in Dunwoody add up to a very full plate indeed.

We had Comcast Cares Day at Dunwoody Nature Center. Lots of work by our executive director and board members, wonderful programs by Farmer D and Jarod Miller, much-needed work on the grounds, installation of raised beds for herbs and blueberry bushes, and a gi-normous donation of $25,000 that we really didn't expect (manna from heaven!).

PCMS enjoyed two wonderful nights of The Sound of Music, staged by the students under the direction of the peerless Miss M. I walked away marveling at the confidence and joy of the student performers, stage crew, techies, singers, and dancers.

AG just hosted a get-together for the Eccentrics, a group of ultrasmart, ultrakind, ultrawithit friends at PCMS. None knew each other before middle school. Each has discovered a kindred spirit in the others.

A is laboring on his science fair project for chemistry, prep for his AP exam in World History, final projects for Latin, Art, and World Literature, and, oh yeah, yet another Remicade infusion in the middle of everything. He's counting the days until the end of school. So am I.

I'm paddling towards a huge wave that will roar through the next year as PCMS' Chair of the Executive Council. My mother asked me if I WANTED all that work, and I said 'Yes!' There are a lot of have-to's in life. I'm determined to include as many want-to's as possible, and serving my kids' schools is high on my list.
It's Teacher Appreciation Week at DHS and we're determined to show our teachers a very special week indeed. Ssshhhh - some very cool things are in store for them this week.

A Dunwoody police officer monitored the stop sign intersection at the end of our street. I was delighted to see him. He ticketed half a dozen people WHO LIVE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD AND KNOW BETTER before he moved on. Bet we see another letter to the editor about "speed traps."

Mom may come for a visit before the end of the month. Bliss! Just wish Dad could travel, but his health isn't the best.

I got to indulge in a day of knitter nirvana, attending the recent Stitches South convention at the Cobb Galleria. I managed to be somewhat frugal, though the luscious cashmeres and silks, one-of-a-kind handdyed skeins, and unique patterns were mighty tempting. I ran into several knittery friends, which made the day even more special.

I'm long past due posting pictures of many of the finished objects I've completed in the past month. Those will come very soon.

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