Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's crunch time for A's Mock Trial team - time for scrimmages and the build-up to the regional competition in February. (For some bizarre reason, the powers-that-be have placed Dunwoody High School in the Jonesboro regional rather than the Decatur one, which is geographically more appropriate. With a mandatory 5:00 PM Friday start-time, it's going to be downright hairy getting there after school. Ah, well.)

I love watching the team compete. They pull things together with aplomb, and show a better working understanding of the judicial process than most adults. Their attorney coaches, Curt and Heather, are the yin and yang of the profession, one who enjoys pushing the edge and the other who quietly goes after the desired verdict.

The case is interesting, and the teens are enjoying their roles. This time, A is an attorney for the defense, with responsibility for the closing argument and at least one cross-examination. Fascinating tidbit: cases are written with gender-neutral names so students can take on roles as needed. What's fun is during the trial, when each team has to remember the correct gender reference during opening/closing arguments and cross-examination. It's very easy to get tongue-tied when your 9:00 competition had a male as the defendent, then a female in the following round.

It's going to be a busy few weeks . . . with lots of time for knitting!

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