Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's a new year. And business as usual.

Ahhhh. What a wonderful winter break. We feasted and fested, giggled and goggled through visits with family and friends, luscious spreads of holiday foods, a lovely ten-mile hike in the fog at Stone Mountain, movies both good and bad, and quiet time together at home.

That was then. This is now.

January has roared in with many must-do's and a few can't-wait-for's.

  • We (the staff plus the ever-amazing and generous volunteer Delightful McC) are renovating the offices at the Dunwoody Nature Center (replacing aged carpet with pristine linoleum, painting walls,and moving furniture).
  • I'm registered for a beginning weaving class by the Chattahoochee Weavers' Guild, two Sundays of downright fun.
  • The effervescent Pattie Baker of www.sustainabledunwoody.com has invited me into her realm via the new sustainability committee she's spearheading for the City of Dunwoody. I can't wait to contribute.
  • School is back in session with a vengeance. There are syllabi to sign, new supplies to obtain, Parent Coffees to schedule for rising 6th grade families coming to Peachtree Charter Middle School, attorneys-in-training to feed for Mock Trial practices, and mucho homework for both kids.
  • I'm in the final stretch of Preschool Phonics, teaching what is likely to be my last Level 2 session.
  • I'm nearly finished with a sweater for ME!
I've had the luxury of working on one of Jean Frost's designs, the Hanover Jacket. I'm on the last few inches of the sleeves (both knitted at the same time), then will have the finishing details to complete. I chose a warm gold from Paton's Classic Merino Wool and it's working out quite well. I adapted the stitch pattern slightly, with a knit two, purl two instead of the knit one, purl two in the design because I like the more defined striping effect. Otherwise, I've been faithful to the pattern.

It's good to be back.

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