Saturday, January 10, 2009

Four more inches

Four inches to go. The Hanover Jacket by Jean Frost is nearing FO status, as two sleeves, knitted at the same time, inch toward the top of the arm shaping.

Four interminable inches. I work a few rows, then fold clothes. Another row or two, and put dinner together for two teens, two tweens, and four different palates. One row, and the dog needs to go out to see what's happening in his domain. Maybe I'll finish those sleeves this weekend. Or not.

It's been a labor-intensive week at Dunwoody Nature Center as we renovate our offices. That project is also nearing the FO stage, with the myriad "little" details that will likely take much of next week to complete. We're operational - the computers are hooked up and the phones work, but various experts are needed to fix digital stuff that has disappeared into the ether and make sure the three workstations are speaking to the new printer that arrives on Monday.

All this work, as well as the "new" desks, bookcases, and chairs, are thanks to the amazing generosity of donors and volunteers. We could not have laid the new linoleum tiles and shelves and shoe molding and countless other jobs without the labors of two fairy godfathers; much of the painting came thanks to our resident fairy godmother, who also keeps our resources well organized and catalogued.

Maybe the renovations (and the Hanover Jacket) are taking longer than planned. But the results are so very much worth the wait.

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