Monday, September 8, 2008

Wish list for the new City of Dunwoody

Everyone is weighing in with the "what-if's" for our fledgling city. Practicalities are paramount and must be our primary focus in the first few years.

Meanwhile, there are some quality of life wishes I'd love to see woven into the fabric of our community.

  • A community garden (modeled after Oakhurst Community Garden in Decatur), located at the Chestnut Farm property. It's a cozy spot in the heart of town, has been largely ignored by the county which currently owns it. I know the Dunwoody Preservation Trust will take excellent care of the facility if the county deeds it to us, so maybe they'd entertain the idea of a working garden managed by volunteers.
  • A "gateway" feature at the intersection of Ashford-Dunwoody and Mt. Vernon Roads. How about a large, recycling fountain with its own well? (I take no credit for this great idea - the ever-imaginative Susan Mitchell suggested it!)
  • Ordinances supporting a "sustainable" Dunwoody, including solar power installations, home gardening, and small chicken coops as well as a recycling center where we can drop everything off right here in the community.
  • An effort to change the laws in Georgia so that we can create a Dunwoody School System, which would surely be far better than the abysmal management we currently endure by the DeKalb County School System.
  • A definitive sign ordinance that correlates all signage in the new city, requiring retail and business properties to follow strict guidelines no matter when they were first installed (no grandfathering).
  • An electronic interface with City Hall that allows citizens to email, make requests for services, and pay any  necessary fees through the internet. That means someone on staff is actively managing the website and making sure it's proactive.
I love Dunwoody. It's great to live here!


  1. We're singing the same song (about Dunwoody AND the Oakhurst Community Garden! See Sustainable Dunwoody ( and FoodShed Planet ( !!!

    Nice to meet you, neighbor!

  2. I love your website. While I'm not the Earth Mama so many of my friends (and visitors to Dunwoody Nature Center) can claim to be, this notice is willing to step lively into the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow so we can all enjoy a healthier and happier Dunwoody!


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