Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Knit a titfer

A news bit from the UK grabbed my eye: "Knit a titfer to top up aid pot."




Since I don't speak Brit, I imagined all kinds of off-color activity, quite outside the realm of main-stream knitting. So I Googled, and:

Noun1.titfer - a hat (Cockney rhyming slang: `tit for tat' rhymes with `hat')

Oooohh. They're knitting hats. For charity.

So a titfer can be any kind of topper, from modest tams to more elaborate concoctions. And knitting a titfer is a generous thing for a knitter to do, particularly as cold weather approaches.  However, the Brits have added a twist: these tifters aren't for toffs. They're for bottles:

As part of the national campaign, people are asked to knit tiny woolly hats which will sit on Innocent Smoothie bottles that will be sold in Sainsbury’s stores in November.
Gotta love knitters. 

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