Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things to do when you're not thinking.

Saw this headline in the AJC:  Jumping from bridges into lakes risky.  Um, seriously?

How about Forest Park votes to drop age limit on public breast-feeding. Micromanaging much? Pretty sure that was a no-winner for the council.

And a gem:  Weiner admits photo, won't quit.

Too much information featuring boneheaded moments in the lives of the average (and high profile) citizen. Add cable news' screaming diatribes by so-called experts and I'm just numb.

I'm more interested in the local news ... really, really local news ... for today. Such as

College Guy Returns Home from Freshman Orientation.

High School Girl Cleaned Her Room and It's Still Clean Two Days Later. 
Milk, Bread, and Dog Food Nearly Out.
Husband On Business Trip, Needs to Get Home to Kill The Huge Roach That Just Sped Through the Front Door.
Preschool Phonics Classes Nearly Full For Fall 2011. 

Scooter the Wonder Dog Still Hasn't Caught the Chipmunks Living Under the Front Porch.
Swamplandia Finally Ready for Pick-Up at Dunwoody Library.

Now that's news I can use.


  1. Donna: My neighbor's niece wrote Swamplandia. I read it while in Florida (ever so appropriately). I gave my copy to them, or else I'd give it to you.

  2. I am really enjoying the book. I love that Dunwoody connection!

  3. I keep hearing buzz about that book. The swamp is in my blood, so I need to check it out.


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