Monday, January 10, 2011

Top Ten Ways to Spend the First (of Many) Snow Days At Home.

1. Compel son to complete scholarship applications, pleas for recommendation letters, and list of medical forms required for some of the scholarships.
2. Make daughter wear ski bibs to play in snow (glare), snow boots ("they're clunky!"), snow hat ("it's too big!"), and multiple layers underneath ("it's too hot!") everything before heading out to sled.
3. Collect wet coats, gloves, hats, undergarments and dry; repeat five times during day while teens play in snow.
4. Simmer pot of Sandy's Chowder all day and eat when hungry.
5. Prep for next five weeks of Preschool Phonics.
6. Take dog out half a dozen times to "do his business," which he  keeps holding because there has to be a spot of summer natural area SOMEWHERE in the snow-covered landscape and he ISN'T GOING until he finds that nice, crunchy, aromatic magic spot.
7. Watch the guy who spun his BMW's tires so hard he caught his car on fire .... on the local news AND national news. "I couldn't figure out why they kept spinnin'." Maybe the ICE?
8. Work on an organic cotton sweater for next year's Holiday Markets.
9. Compulsively wash small loads dishes and clothes because the power is bound to go off any moment now.
10. Make pancakes and bacon for supper because it's a SNOW DAY!

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