Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Knitting mistakes.

I love knitting. Really. Truly. By now, most people know I knit because I never stop knitting. In public. In the pew. In the car.

My craft has its share of knitwear that's truly visionary as well as stuff that looks like it exploded out of the acrylic yarn aisle at a long-ago-closed five-and-dime store.

And then there are the sublimely hilarious knitting projects. The ones that make me giggle. And remind me that knitting and insanity are indelibly intertwined.


That's just bull.
The knitter's response to "Mom, I have to make a diorama for school."

That isn't photoshopped. Is it?
Tanks a lot.
iDesperate to own an iPhone?
Actually, it's that round metal part at the end that's cold ... not the part that's wearing a sweater.
Honey, your grandmother knitted it just for you. We'll just get a quick picture, send it to her, then hide it.
The bride's mother is a knitter. And this is the wedding of her dreams.

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