Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Knitternall 100 Giveaway

Musings during a splendid Sunday morning in Dunwoody ...

  • My friend Kathie at A Few Good Pieces had a great idea: a giveaway to mark the 200th follower of her blog. I forgot to add the "follower button" in the early years, mainly because I was still a bit tentative about exploring this virtual community. I am grateful for the more than 170,000 (and counting) hits my blog has received in the past few years. Now I'd like to pay homage to my regular visitors. When my "followers" total 100, I'll give away a hand knit lace shawl in your choice of colors to one chosen at random! (The pattern is Haruni by Emily Ross.) I'll cast on as soon as I contact the winner and we discuss the options.
  • While this began as purely a knitting blog, my postings have evolved into a "slice of Knitternall life" in Dunwoody. I am blessed to live in this town, among caring friends, a dynamic church family, and with people who give so generously and selflessly of their time to make Dunwoody truly special.
  • Knitting is still what I do. All the time, according to friends and family. But that can't be true since I'm usually juggling the parent thing, myriad writing assignments, volunteer jobs, and the Nature Center. Yet, when I count how much I've knitted this year, I'm either knitting in my sleep or way more produtive than I thought.
  • Village Burger has become our go-to place for a quick, tasty bite or just some dessert. It's in walking distance of the Knitternall house. My favorite time there is in the evening, while fall is cooling the breeze and scores of friends and friendly faces are lining up for their House Burgers, Char Dogs, and Concrete Cones. It's becoming a barometer for when things end ... plays, games, schools closed because of a water shortage: drive by VB and watch the crowd surge.
  •  "Celebrate all you have achieved." That's what the studio portrait package says. We have to order our son's senior portraits TODAY or miss the deadline for yearbook. I've dithered because the cost is unbelievable. The studio has rigged the packages so that, in order to get just an 11x14 and a few extras for friends and family, you'll spend close to $350. For another hundred dollars, you can get 107 prints (count 'em) plus a CD so you can print out even more. Really? Sticker shock is putting it mildly. And this comes right after hefty checks for yearbooks, "required school fees and supplies," two major car repairs, and just before oldest teen sends in his college applications (and we anticipate that first tuition bill.) Do I put my philosophical foot down, say "enough," and order a la carte just the 6 prints I want (one of his formal senior portrait and three black and white casual photos)? for $200 (wince)? Or do we buy into the insanity?
  • My yard died. The long summer heat won. Back to the shovel and rake over the next four weeks as I plant optimism for next spring.
Blessings to everyone who visits here.  Your comments and insights are always welcome!


  1. Donna it's residents like you and Terry who really make Dunwoody so special, thanks for all you do as well as sharing your life on line.

  2. Donna, that is a beautiful shawl!! Do you do take on project for pay?

  3. Right back at you, John. You're the "face of Dunwoody" as far as I'm concerned.

    DM - thank you! Yes, I do knit custom projects, but I have to warn you that the price can be a major ouch, depending on the yarn and extend of the design. Some years, I knit ahead and sell one-of-a-kind things at the St. Luke's Little Saints craft sale. Not this year, though - my inventory isn't big enough because every extra knitting has been custom ordered or for charity auctions.

  4. That should be "extent" of the design. Fumblefingers!

  5. Yay for a giveaway!!! SO fun! That is incredible that your blog has reached so many people, congratulations to you. The thought of college tuition scares me to death :) So we'll "enjoy" that vicariously through you for a while!

  6. Hi Donna,
    I agree on the senior portraits. The packages are outrageous. ( and our pics were not that great)I am planning on taking a few photos of Eilidh and heading to Costco to get them printed.

    PS Loving the blog


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