Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dunwoody - the Discount City?

When I saw this yesterday:

I immediately thought of this:

I have worked on many, many branding campaigns, so I fully appreciate the challenge and inherent risks in creating a position from scratch.  It's impossible to please everyone and sometimes ideas get watered down in committee because of some mythical concept of consensus or everyone is so darned tired of debating and pontificating that the loudest voice wins.

I love Dunwoody because of the people who are Dunwoody.  I want to love the logo because I know a lot of people worked hard on it.

But I can't.

The logo and tagline do not express the dynamic that is Dunwoody.

If we're so smart, why are we so derivative?


  1. I had the SAME exact thought when I saw it!! It looks exactly like the Wal-Mart logo. I hate to think of the money that was spent on it. Too bad.

  2. I'm with you Donna, not loving it. The Chamber of Commerce and CVB versions could be ok. I think it is telling that the same tag line is used by the Plano (Texas) Economic Development Board -- the folks who work to attract more businesses, investment dollars, and jobs -- but not by the city of Plano. The line makes sense in that context. Declaring yourself "smart" to all and sundry does work against the warm and friendly Dwood we know.


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