Saturday, March 21, 2009

Casting on Pasticcio

I took a lovely day off from everything and trolled knitting shops, explored thrift stores, and listened to AM 1690 (thanks, Steve!) as it wended its way from old-time country pining to Vivaldi to Ella singing the blues. I picked up several pattern books at Cast On Cottage, including one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's treasured tomes, found lots of yarn at Strings & Strands, and scored a superb 12x16 room-size oriental rug that had just come in, only to walk out with me ($40 bucks!!!!). I felt rested, relaxed, and ready for more busy times ahead.

Days like that don't come often.

One of my goals was to pick up yarn for a summer version of Pasticcio, a vest that has been a favorite for two years and never fails to get oohs and aahs. Now, I'm the furthest thing from fashionable, but that vest lets me pretend to be au courant when I feel the need.

There are plenty of varigated wools and blends out there (my first Pasticcio is knitted with Universal's classic worsted in a green and khaki striping colorway), but it's hard to find a good quality, worsted weight cotton that can carry this pattern. I scored at Strings & Strands: Plymouth Fantasy Naturale, in a lovely palette of rich pastels (darker than baby palettes, and light enough for summer). I'm casting on this weekend and expect the vest to be finished in just a couple of weeks - it's a really fast knit. I love the fact that it can be worn two ways: long, with a shawl color, or turned upside down and worn as a bolero.

Now it's time to play outside. The vegetable garden needs petting, I want to cut, seed, and fertilize the lawn, and the weather is just too beautiful to stay indoors. I love Saturdays!

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