Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sustainable brainstorming

The amazing duo of Pattie (Sustainable Dunwoody blog maven) and Tracy (she of the chickens and triplets and urban homestead lifestyle) came to Dunwoody Nature Center to discuss Sustainability opportunities here in our newborn city. We're very excited - certainly Sustainability fits in with our mission of preserving and protecting Dunwoody Park and providing environmental education to the community. I loved brainstorming with them and Claire, our fearless leader, was very receptive to their ideas. Time will tell, but I hope to be a part of this engaging concept for Dunwoody.

It's a slippery slope to focus on the big picture/philosophical mode rather than the here-and-now reality of living pragmatically.  I appreciate the long-term benefits of growing our own food and reducing our dependency on imports and their tangential cost in terms of fossil fuels and quality, but I need to know HOW and WHAT to plant right now. I value the reduce-recycle-reuse concept but I need better recycling options than the paltry blue box DeKalb County offers (hello - Gwinnett County has gone to the mega-bin recycling/garbage cans with robo trucks picking each up every week).  I want to walk to more places, but I must have more time to do it in the midst of work, school, and social commitments. 

A Sustainable Dunwoody is a delightful and essential concept for our community. Let's make it a reality!


  1. Donna! I didn't know you and Knitternall were one and the same! What a kick, and small world (soon-to-be-city).

    I am so excited about our conversation yesterday (and Tracy and I had one of the MOST FUN bike rides home in the windy leaves! I might as well have been twelve again!)

    Anyway--let me know if you want some of my fall veggies seedlings!

  2. Kindred spirits always find each other. You're a breath of energized air!

  3. "Knitternall" and Pattie: I saw Tracie, all bundled up, heading out on her bike yesterday morning while I was on my way to work. I thought to myself, I wonder what really cool thing she is heading out to experience today--and I was right! Thanks to all 3 of you!

  4. Whoo-hoo! Watch the Dunwoody Nature Center website and Sustainable Dunwoody blog for cool new classes and programs coming very soon. (Tracy and Pattie sightings are guaranteed.)


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