Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Knitting in nature

It's amazing how many people drive down Roberts and have no idea Dunwoody Nature Center exists. We get a steady stream of first-time visitors, who've lived in Dunwoody years, entire lives, and never stepped foot in the park.

Their reaction is always one of pleasure - surprise that "all this" is here in Dunwoody, amazement that it's a public park, wonder at all the programs and events they never knew about.

I had just opened the main building this morning and heard a rustle behind me in the classroom. A small chipmunk had slipped in and was looking earnestly for an exit. I slid open the screen door and out he shot. Down in the meadow, a red fox trotted over boulders and through a thicket. The air is crisp, red and gold leaves are starting to drift down from the trees above, and there's nothing to hear but birds and squirrels chattering about the coming cold weather.

Dunwoody Park is a lovely respite. I am so blessed to call it my office.

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