Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Would you rather run out of yarn or frog an entire project?

My daughter is fond of a game which asks players to choose between two perverse choices. For example, "Would You Rather have your grandmother's hair style or hair growing on the outside of your nose and ears?" Hmmm. . . . Neither choice is palatable, but you're supposed to choose anyway. This leads to the kind of meandering discussion my daughter enjoys. On the other hand, my son refuses to play and simply says, "Neither."

So I'm thinking about the choices knitters make.

  • Would you rather run out of irreplaceable yarn right at the end of the second sleeve of a sweater or frog an entire project because you goofed a repeat someplace near the beginning?
  • Would you rather leave a WIP in a taxi or accidentally pull a needle out of an intricate, 120-stitch lace pattern?
  • Would you rather have six different single socks completed (no mates yet) or try to learn a complicated technique by reading instructions with no pictures?
  • Would you rather knit with cheap, rough acrylic yarn in outdated colors or be limited to a $50 budget for yarn purchases each year?
  • Would you rather knit the same pattern over and over and over again for all eternity or never be allowed to knit ever again?
  • Would you rather be heckled while you knit (what's that? are you crocheting? you can buy that at Target) or knit in the dark?

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