Monday, November 8, 2010

The year of custom knits.

I've indulged in knitting for myself this past year as I've explored some new techniques. As a result, I am well supplied for the near future with cardigans, shawls, and sweater coats.
Design and Photo by Michele Sabatier
So now this will be the year of custom knits for others. I'm designing some special things for next year's Little Saints Holiday Market at St. Luke's and knitting favorite patterns for gift-giving and charity auctions.

On my to-create list:

  • Baby blankets in organic cotton
  • Baby sweaters knitted from the softest possible cotton and blended yarns - in rich teals, browns, creams, and roses.
  • Baby hats that look like frogs, flower tops, bunnies, and pandas.
  • A new line of felted totes and bags, embellished with hand-crafted flowers and geometrics.
  • Knit and hand-felted elf shoes for little ones.
  • Shawls - from vintage lacy to edgy geometric forms.
  • Ruanas knit with vivid colors and textures.
Each will be one of a kind, because I like moving from one technical challenge to another. As my inventory builds, I'll post photos on this blog for inspiration and special orders.

It's winter, the season of wool and angora, soft cotton and cozy blends.

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Knit on!


  1. Do you do custom? I would love to 'commission' a wrap or shawl!

  2. I subscribe - is that the same as "following"?

  3. Kathie - how about a trade? We'll chat. Quinn - subscribing is not the same as "following" because I can't read the subscriber list. But I know you're on it, so I'm adding you to the pot! ; )

  4. The baby hat you have pictured above was designed and knit by me. The photo is of the sample I knit for the Ravelry pattern page. Please either show your own work or credit the work as mine. Thank you.

  5. Hi, Michele - I apologize if it appears I am claiming the design as mine - it was certainly not my intent. With your post you are assigning ownership, which I am happy to acknowledge. Knitternall


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