Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am not married to Karl Rove.

Despite appearances to the contrary, I am not married to Karl Rove.

In the past five years, T has been offered a first class seat ("hey, I know you - you shouldn't sit back there! let's trade seats!"), asked how it is to ride on Air Force One while watching it land ("Ma'am, if I were who you think I am, I'd be on that plane, not standing here."), given countless handshakes ("You're doing a great job!"), had some fairly priceless doubletakes (to the point of folks nearly tripping and falling) ... because he looks a whole lot like Karl Rove.

You decide.


  1. Quite a resemblance! Does he always set people straight? I think if strangers wanted to shake my hand and tell me what a great job I m doing, I would be tempted to say humbly, "Well, I do my best!" ;)

  2. He usually tells them, but sometimes they're so darned excited the he lets them enjoy their "celebrity moment."

  3. Hilarious!! I never noticed before, but I might have to start calling him karl now :) Ha!!


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