Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fireworks - and pipes - bursting.

Our traditional foray to Keswick Park in Chamblee for fireworks may be offset this year by the pipe that just burst in the kitchen ceiling.

I was outside, enjoying the early morning cool and tending to a sadly neglected garden, when T called me in. Right in the middle of the kitchen ceiling, a four-foot area was browned, soaked, and pouring a steady stream of water onto the floor. I grabbed a bucket, he called the plumber, and we turned off the water to the house.


So now we're waiting for Zurn Plumbing to ride to the rescue and keeping our fingers crossed that a little cut into the sheetrock, some handy dandy plumber's tape and blow torch work, and we'll be good to go. We sent little A to her friend's house for cleaning and visiting, I headed to Dunwoody Nature Center to wash off the worst of the garden dirt and sweat, and we're all hoping that the water gets turned back on REALLY SOON. Otherwise, those nasty bath houses at Mountain Top will look mighty good in comparison to Chez Nall.

Doesn't it just figure? We just scheduled AG's braces, the 100,000 service on the silver Volvo, and refilling the freon in one of the air conditioning units (stupid thing leaks a trickle a year - this had to be the year it was finally time to do the refill).

Okay. Time to look at things from the blessing side. We caught the pipe burst right as it happened, rather than after a long night of water flowing in the kitchen. We have air conditioning. And AG's lower teeth managed to straighten all by themselves, which means far shorter time in braces.



  1. A quick response in getting that pipe fixed is good. The damage would be relatively minimal so here's to hoping that, after a few weeks, perhaps months, this is just a minor speed bump that didn't do long-lasting damage.

  2. Good thing you found out about the pipe burst. If you let one night pass, you would probably see your kitchen flooded the next day, which would lead to more damages. Accidents may also happen because if you don’t notice that at first, you might slip and bump on to something hard. Tsk. Looking at the big picture, it’s good that the harm was relatively little.


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