Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's Up With That?

We have a special item on the agenda for the monthly meeting of the Peachtree Charter Middle School Executive Council (what a mouthful). It's called "What's Up With That?" in honor of Mrs. G, a teacher representative who is prone to Socratic questions about everyday things. The wonderful thing about "What's Up With That?" is how it challenges us to take a second look at something we might have otherwise have accepted at face value.

Life is full of "What's Up With That?" moments.
  • Mapquest directions that send visitors to Dunwoody Nature Center over to Roswell instead (Google Maps is more accurate).
  • Strangely painted bike paths that meander drunkenly so that the car lane is suddenly narrowed.
  • Hiking trails "clearly marked" on a map, yet with unmarked forks and social paths (usually created by nearby residents who have their own private accesses).
  • Daytime school meetings originally scheduled decades ago for stay-at-home-moms who are now the growing minority in this economy.
  • Racks filled with narrow, lowcut, ultra thin shirts that flatter only pre-adolescent, stick thin girls (and which do not satisfy moms of girls who prefer something more modest).
  • Landscape crews who park their trucks in a lane of traffic, plop down a few little orange cones and ignore the growing line of cars trying to get around them.
Those are a few of my most recent "What's Up With That?" moments. Bet you have at least one today.

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