Wednesday, November 28, 2007

musings by a knitting knosher

Knitting defines my in-between years. Before knitting, I was restless and much too hurried to enjoy idleness. After knitting . . . I'm just not sure. But right now, knitting fills my hands and heart with pleasure.

I'm working on a stack of dishcloths for our family's "handmade Christmas" tradition. And, because the Nall family gathers the first week in December, my deadline is much, much sooner than I'm prepared for. I want to give each family a stack of six. Nine completed. Three to go. I've varied the patterns, but kept the colorways complementary. Thanks to carpool, doctors' appointments, and homework supervision, they've gone quickly.

I wore a sweater completed this summer for the first time this month. It takes a while for the cold to reach Atlanta, but it finally did. Of course, then it immediately got hot again. Then cold. Layers and natural fibers are a Southern girl's best friend.

I'll post a pix of the sweater tomorrow.

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